Abasil.es' website is still under construction. Only the API documentation is available.

API documentation


The Abasil API is built using REST conventions and designed to have a predictable URL structure. It uses standard HTTP and HTTPS (recommended) methods (GET) and error response codes. All Abasil API calls are made under api.abasil.es and all responses return standard JSON.

API versions

Abasil API is currently in version 1.0.0. All URLs have v1/ prepended right after the domain:



Only Abasil customers can have access to an API key. They are provided by your Abasil Account Executive.

In case you lost your API key you should contact your assigned Abasil Account Executive.

The API key must be included on all the API calls in the right position of the URL endpoint (https protocol recommended), which will always be right after the API version:


Rate limits

There are two types of rate limitations implemented:

Per second: set by default to 5 requests per second. Can change on an Account basis.

Monthly: set per Account based on the partnership agreed on.

Understanding the loanOffer model

The data that the Abasil API provides is data about the different types of offers that credit companies show on their websites and website comparators. Each one of these offers is modelled following the loanOffer model:

!! Important

After understanding the loanOffer model, make sure the check the Data format section.

The date is always set to the Monday of that date's week.

What makes a loanOffer unique? Two options:

a) Its id.

b) The combination of 'offerDate', 'company', 'country', 'projectType', 'source', 'amount' and 'maturity'.

Field Type Allow null Example
id Integer false 17526512
offerDate Dateonly false "2023-04-20"
company String false "Younited Credit"
country String false "Italy"
currency String false "EUR"
projectType String false "Debts"
source String false "bank website"
amount Integer false 15000
maturity Integer false 48
instalment Float true 373.2
apr Float true 0.1083
nir Float true 0.0899
openCommission Float true 375
insuranceInstalment Float true null
insuranceApr Float true null
insuranceNir Float true null

Data format

Certain data types have a specific format as per the API's design. Here are the details:

Data types Format Explanation/examples
Dateonly YYYY-MM-DD
ISO 8601 extended
This will always correspond with each week's Monday date.
Only 52 different entry points per year.
Examples: '2023-04-24', '2022-12-12'.
Company String Despite having different sources, all names are unified.
Ex: Younited Credit will always be 'Younited Credit', not 'YC', 'Younited', etc.
Country String ENUM: 'Portugal', 'Spain', 'France', 'Germany' or 'Italy'.
Currency AAA 'EUR'.
Percentatges 0.0000 Four decimals. 100% → 10'54% → 0.1054.
Source String Whether the data provided is from a bank or a credit company.
The value will always be 'bank website'.
Any other source, the source's Url will be listed as value, ex. 'facile.it'.


Get status:

URL: /v1/{apiKey}/status

Method: GET

Response code: 200

Description: Checks the status of the API.

Parameters: N/A


  Abasil API v1 is up and running

Get loanOffers:

URL: /v1/{apiKey}/loan-offer/get-many

Method: GET

Response code: 200

Description: Returns and array containing all the loanOffers based on the provided parameters.


Parameter Format Default Comments
startDate YYYY-MM-DD null Inclusive.
endDate YYYY-MM-DD today Inclusive.
country String undefined If undefined, all countries are provided.
company String undefined If undefined, all companies are provided.
source String undefined If undefined, all sources are provided.
projectType String undefined If undefined, all projectTypes are provided.
amount String undefined If undefined, all amounts are provided.
maturity String undefined If undefined, all maturities are provided.


To get all the data from the current week set the "startDate" to this week Monday's date:


To get loanOffers in Portugal since the 9th of April of 2023 and excluding comparators:

/v1/{apiKey}/loan-offer/get-many?startDate=2023-04-09&country=Portugal&source=bank website

Response: (Mock data)

    "page": 0,
    "pages": 1,
    "pageSize": 25000,
    "total": 399,
    "data": [
            "id": 179702,
            "offerDate": "2023-04-10",
            "company": "Cofidis",
            "country": "Portugal",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "projectType": "liquidity",
            "source": "bank website",
            "amount": 15000,
            "maturity": 24,
            "instalment": 250,
            "apr": 0.08,
            "nir": 0.05,
            "openCommission": 0,
            "insuranceInstalment": null,
            "insuranceApr": null,
            "insuranceNir": null
            "id": 179844,
            "offerDate": "2023-04-10",
            "company": "Millenium BCP",
            "country": "Portugal",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "projectType": "liquidity",
            "source": "bank website",
            "amount": 15000,
            "maturity": 36,
            "instalment": 250,
            "apr": 0.08,
            "nir": 0.05,
            "openCommission": 0,
            "insuranceInstalment": null,
            "insuranceApr": null,
            "insuranceNir": null

Common issues

400 - Bad request

Make sure you are pointing to the right endpoint with the proper parameters.

401 - Unauthorized:

Your API key is not working. Make sure it is the right one. Otherwise, contact support.

403 - Forbidden: User is blocked. Contact support.

You have an account but has been blocked. As stated in the error, contact support.

For any type other type or error, please contact tech support.


For tech support please contact: jaume.fabrega@ab***l.es

For Account support or new sales please contact: marti.fabrega@ab***l.es